Welcome to Anya's Fontage @ elusiv(e).com

This is a collection of my favorite fonts. Most of them are Gothic or Horror styled fonts.
All of the Fonts located in this collection are Freeware or Shareware. Please let me know if you find a commercial font so that I can remove it.

..Update May 9, 2014
I changed web hosts and completely forgot to back up the font databases prior to switching. I'm slowly getting this back online. I apologize for the inconveniance.

..Update August 3, 2009
I got that GD library on the fly preview thing working a long time ago. Today's update: 3 fonts Delfinah, Spinstee, and Mucha Like.

..Update October 31, 2008
I finished the CSS driven layout last month. Now I'm working on using GD Library to generate preview images on the fly.

..Update September 19, 2008
I'm working to convert this to a CSS driven layout instead of table (for the most part). Everything should be working but things might not be in the right spots.

..Update August 13, 2007
Please excuse the mess. I am currently working on getting the site changed over to my newly designed theme. I haven't had a chance to convert all of the preview images yet.

..Update January 13, 2006
Tonight I got really bored and fixed a few missing fonts and added a bunch of new ones since I've been lax of late.
The new ones are: a Theme for murder, 04b03, Anywhere but home, Blade 2, Dark Crystal, Evanescent. Nightmare 5, and Visitor.

..Update July 12, 2005
I added another font today, Spectre Verde by Blambot. I've used this font in two Design assignments and figured it belonged here with my other favorites now.

..Update July 10, 2005
Two new fonts added to the TV/Movies section: Willy Wonka and Sleepy Hollow in time for Burton's new movie on Friday. Enjoy!

..Update June 15, 2005
Five new fonts were added: The Gingerbread House, Ghastly Panic, Gypsy Curse, Sanctuary, Zombie Holocaust. All but one are by Chad Savage, check him out at his Web site because his fonts are pretty cool (as is his Web site). He even has some desktop themes, cursors and icons. No, I wasn't asked to put a link up. I just figured since I now have a total of five fonts of his in my collection I should mention him.

..Update January 8, 2005
I think I've got the missing fonts from 2004 re-uploaded. I also added three new fonts: Seven Swordsmen, Se7en, Swingset.

..Update January 1, 2005
I did a really stupid thing and accidently deleted the font database. I had a backup from late 2003 but any of the fonts I uploaded since then are not available just yet and I've lost of all of the statistics for the last year. Happy New Year! haha. Anyway, sometime soon I will try to fix the ones that are missing and upload a few new ones I found over vacation.

..Update March 12, 2004
This month's fonts are Cup and Talon and Demon Knight.

..Update February 21, 2004
I've been very lax in updating lately between work and classes. This month's font is Arrr Matey.

..Update October 15, 2003
I apologize for not uploading a font in September but I have added a bunch this month to make up for it. I added 7 new fonts today, they are Dastardly, Flat Earth Scribe, Gothic Ultra Trendy, JackLantern, Knot, Pythia, and Wicked Queen.

..Update August 26, 2003
I added 5 new fonts this month, they are Adams Regular and Capitals, Fairytale, Parseltongue and Neverwinter.

..Update July 18, 2003
Added the font Mincer.

..Update June 26, 2003
Finished the re-do of font preview images and made the new interface live.

..Update June 25, 2003
I am re-vamping the Font's page to match the general theme of the rest of elusiv(e).com. This will be a large undertaking that will require a complete re-do of all of the font preview images.

..Update June 6, 2003
I have been attempting to add at least 1 new font every month so check back monthly to see the latest additions.

Top 5 This Month

  1. GoGo
  2. Se7en
  3. A Theme For Murder
  4. Gothikka
  5. Anywhere but home

Top 5 To Date

  1. Minster
  2. Gothic Love Letters
  3. Endor
  4. A Charming Font
  5. Vampiress

Newest Fonts

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